Lightweight mulchers that attach to almost any carrier!

Are you looking for a mulching attachment that is light enough for your machinery, but strong enough to handle even the toughest land clearing job?

We manufacture strong, lightweight mulchers that you simply won't find anywhere else in the world.

  • Mulchers from 320 lbs for 3-5 tonne machines
  • Will attach to most major brands
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Land clearing attachments for excavators and skid steers used for:

Roadside setback, rail lines and utility right of ways

Building, communication tower and wind farm construction sites

Pipeline and electrical power transmission lines

Farmland and
fence lines

Snowmobile, hiking, biking and RV trails

Blueberry fields, orchards, wetlands

The importance of selecting the right mulching head for your machine and application
Torrent is committed to assuring that when you purchase one of our products it will be the best possible match for your machine and application. Thorough research (and verification) of the machine specifications is critical in determining the suitability of a carrier (excavator, forestry platform or skid steer) as a mulching head recipient. It is important to understand that not all information necessary to understand the cost and complexity of the installation of a high flow hydraulic attachment (such as a mulching implement) is necessarily contained in standard mulching head attachment specifications.

Often it is necessary to consult the manufacturer of the carrier to get all of the information required to provide valuable guidance to the customer. At Torrent it is our policy to perform a detailed analysis of the application, machine specifications and options before offering any recommendation or quotation to a potential customer. We want you to be as informed as you can possibly be – up front, so as to avoid any costly or disappointing surprises.
Considerations in selection of the right mulching head for your machine and

There are three key points to be considered in the selection of mulching heads for any carrier that we at Torrent can and will provide consultation on (at no charge) whether it results in a sale or not:

The suitability of the carrier (i.e. is the machine capable of running any mulcher efficiently)

The matching of the carrier with the proper mulching head (i.e. available auxiliary oil flow and pressure, machine weight vs. implement weight, application etc.)

Cost and complexity of the installation (is the machine plumbed properly, is the auxiliary flow accessible, is additional directional control system work required or desired etc.)